Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow
I heard my brother chant
with no lack of vehemence
his studies falling behind in time.
With turbulent family matters
failing ties that bound
but bind no longer,
holding us together
forever slacking tracking days
that pay no mind to our simple lives.
And I remember playing X-men
former humans comic book fantasies
that pleased the child in me
though he’d soon no longer be.
Pleased to meet you.
Greet you with a smile
that cracks upon the edges
Wild eyed child 
full of sugar and life.
Styled out in sweatpants and strife.
So come to me you sad eyed strays
lost souls I thought I coined a phrase
to phase from simple things to grief 
stricken by a cold disease 
and I grew from glossy eyed youth.
To knowing things I thought I’d never accrue 
experiences stacked like camel cash
and bound with rubber bands.
Unmask me not my family never EVER
needs to know the reasons why
I stay awake at night.
I try to hide the plight that binds
me to my father
surrogate or not.
I’m caught up in an endless plot
that thickens only when stirred.
Only words release me
but only if heard
I grow in spirit and in stature
eating my feelings.
Pica compared to what happened
now its common knowledge.
My family knows what was untold
I sprouted mold from standing still
and now I’m growing old

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