I excel at personnel encasement
place them in there separate lives
and excise those who deserve it.
Burn it, churn away the bitter lies
and make my life a bleached white canvas.
Pure and ready for the paint
of heavy strokes and light hearted pastels.
No dramatic nor caustic rains
proclaim my innocence with words
that speak the truth without being heard.
Caws crying out a murder of crows
bellow above and undertow.
I make my peace with
esoteric crones and
pay a costly toll for
every time I cross the line
and invite into my life HOLES.
Buckshot did splinter my souls skein
a thin membrane down deep within
that keeps my secret heart so safe
from interlopers and those who would relate.
Cremate my borderlines
time to toss remains aside
cause I am worth the time I spent
to keep ME safe from hostile relatives.

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