I crash on rocky shores
demure and fluttering.
Remorse for far flung courses
out stretched arms
not yet long enough to reach.
So I cling to chance and choices
made with little thought
for where I’d be
a decade hence and totally spent
my last dollar on prophecy.
I follow a false doctrine
that whispers words of doubt to me
to scold me and uphold my
bitter lack of self esteem.
But on these seas that flow serene
I see a distant shore
and in its pastures lush and green.
Its mountains underscored
so take up sails and to gods hail
whichever you should choose
set forth to new born mountains
scale each peak
drink in each hue.

One thought on “MYSTIC SYNAPSE

  1. This one really speaks to all of us because no matter how people appear on the outside, most of us are racked by insecurity and damaged self esteem on the inside… and that goes for all ages. Its all about the journey and learning how we create our art and our reality.

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