Taking for granted your woes
exploding with joy at the sight
of your soul exposed.
By the light that shines with
awkward smiles and glances
shoulders drawn tight
and tiny little steps in time
with my eyes as they watch
you draw near.
Paint a picture deliver it
special ordered free and clear.
Kinship workshop craft me
a buddy to end all hobbies
and jump start my livelihood.
Pulled close by similar circumstance
dancing on the head of a pin.
Writing everything down by chance
with the way you express
with ways that depress
all arbitrary social cues.
I’ve been taught to seek comfort
learned hearts beat for one purpose true
but that’s just on the surface
of what brethren means to me.
Believe me when I say
that I’d win the day and break away
just for brief hugs and talking hands
I’m a prodigy of this dance.
Picture 039

One thought on “#1 ON THE GRATITUDE LIST

  1. Hey there Prodigy of the dance…I am loving your expanding and growing talent and consciousness…. It inspires me. Blessed Be… Timmi

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