Can you feel my heart beat

deleting all my history

nothing to see here

that even I don’t

believe the lies

I tell myself to sleep at night

when the sun goes down

my bile rises up

in my throat chokes me with

my wounded soul

stone cold you best not forget it

sought out a place to rest

and now I can’t wait to run

again through the fields without end

no semblance of hate or stopping to relate to

those that ring up late and come up short

a party forgotten

third wheel giving my own retort

exploring the positive feelings

that come with lies and trees and

mysterious energies

I cannot seem to believe that

this is for me

its not what I see

it cannot be

bereft of cosmic tidings

I fly high on falling down

hope it doesn’t hurt

when I hit the ground

and bounce



ALSO: The past month and some change I haven’t made a single post due to a run in with double pneumonia that landed me in the hospital.  This is a test post to see if it would be worth it to try and salvage this blog…  Thank you everyone that has liked, commented, favorited, ect, my work so far.  Your feedback helps me keep writing.

Anyway, wish me luck!

Zachary Binks



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