pull the cord on life support

a cosmic cretin’s leash

to keep me down about

round about way of 

saying I was not worth the time to waste

taste my bitter end repent from

poverty stricken sins

I’m stuck in between your overt begging

for my anemic affections hedging 

off between the lines and lining

lungs with bitter lies 

I taste my blood and bother still to

read your epitaph

so don’t shuffle off this mortal coil

until I’ve had my fun 

with or within you

I haven’t decided which

so wheel me down that hallway

bouquet of balloons hide my face

make me seem so young

when months of hair hang

from my chin

and take me to that doorway

where I would at last find release

new lease on life

take the strife and burn it 

do it please



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