Limbs speckled with regret

an ink tinctured mixture

just skin deep

and I sleep just bellow the surface

dreaming screaming needing to leap

for that edge that I stood on

double edged sword


and living on

I wept when the time was right

making choices when my voice is

ready with might

aim down the sights and fire

splitting hairs and rabbit

stewed in my false delight

release was right but wronging

hurting with my flight

from fantasy to reality

taking shape and taking lives

again I blame my friends

or lack thereof for my tired plight

no escape or reason to fall

back on the doorway I once stood

waiting for heavy hands to fall

and break the truce as understood

no understanding can be found

from hearts skewered and minds askew

I spewed my venomous reminder

mind my way when I leave shrewd



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