waltzing alone down this lonely road
laundry room dreaming for a cold comfort zone
sickly calling out to discarded hopes
to come back home
and sit with me at the throne
no searing pain worth the fate I rearranged
to take this path and end up here at last
no shot gun pangs no doomed linear way
to leave my loved ones in fear
I dial the number shuttle fast
cast my line into a lake of tears
hoping to pull back until your near
and no catch unbridled truth
unconditional love is what its worth
a story told me so and so would I be cursed
slick words remembered rhyme schemes and
borrowed dreams to lighten up
the way I write this down
bring it around to
back logged slack jawed bringing me
a new found cause to brawl
when my cost is all I can afford to pay
no rendered images relay
the way I splinter this
and reach around to give her this repayment
delayment arrangement obey my winter chill
that begs to be bound up in a blanket with you
your face has no definition no religion
no lines just trite reminders of what I am inside
a borrowed line
clothes that hardly define me but remember I’m alive
with gentle pleadings to
be a friend I’d never leave behind



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