phone rings time stops

subliminal messages wreak havoc without promise

of tomorrow borrowed time leaking what I

thought I’d be where I thought things would lead

no presence of impressionable minds costly times

with individuals who would be worth my while

and I’m winding back to two weeks ago when

I was able to feel

when I was able to make sense of life

so quick does this disintegrating filament get stripped

leaving wires bare to trip and spark a fire

without heat but desire for life

no pain no gain no tragedy

no cost to pay when the styx needs crossing

glossing my way through this automatic dismay

dismantling my brain for the typical round of

muttered responses huddled bodies and crossed crosses

rather mark a star in the air and make bare reason

tear reality a new one

what is this new feeling

anger breeding and bleeding into


no need to remember what has been when

what will be will be

and as above shall be bellow

my heartstrings buried deep

but twanging two and fro

passively thrumming tunes and brewing smoke

colluding with my throat

missing that feeling

the same sick reeling that would reel me in to

make a match my mate

belate my next stop and make my next time

be delayed

but what if that smoke that drifts did cause this

sickness that plagues my relatives

and its all relative

if you think your about to drift

come back to where the rift is

thick with where I left it

just where I wanted it to be

this complex is collapsing

momentarily relaxing an exhale

before exploding


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