you will krinkle 

like aluminum foil 

and crack the surface break the seal

without the real or the surreal 

I know that feel

that creates live wires inside

vibrating in time with my

degenerate mind

thats in the dumps or the gutter

but never alive

I’m now brought low by this

shaking inside

just in time for the next step

I’m replicating emptiness

this circuit overblown

emotional wiring about to abscond

and its me on my own that I fear when alone

what I see is a photograph lacking her features 

and speeches that reflexively light a spark inside of me

candid and lively like calamine to poison ivy

drive me to be me dive into life freely

but what will become of me

lacking a face in these

digital repercussions of events I’m drug into

passively brought to and because i love you

every step I take towards healing whats at stake

bought and sold with chicken and steak

side of baked potatoes and fried brains

but I field these feelings in therapy

easing into audacity by speaking so freely

and belching my urgency to be free of these

self loathing tendencies and self destructive reelings 

believe me when i say I’m done when the time has come

to uncover every wrong and right whats been undone

I’m without reason to back of soon

when this late flower takes hold

and finally blooms



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