Bastard child of a forced majority

tasting that tingle of faux glory

when the lights go out he flickers on

either calm or raucous

bland or blind

his rage is what empathy would kiss

if touched by bliss and then amiss

resist temptation to erase this

memory of hatred in favor of latency

blatant lies I tell myself to hide

the reason I relied on a soul on fire

can you hear that crackle

when the sparks start to fly?

When his truth is denied

when his temper flies

and no bodies will line the road

I’ve left behind that code

of dropping friends like vermin

flies to bide by this mode

no sauntering swagger will guide

my foot steps in time with the lies

that I’m telling myself this time

just enough to make it right

just enough to take its time

and the toll is a hefty fine

fine by me I’ll deny

the road less traveled forks in a Y

leaving its divide a choice denied

I need this exotic tryst with fists

a bloody face to remind me of this

I insist that I’m really here

I hear that I’m nearly there

and brought to bare is this casualty

a casual company

how will you remember my words

when I choke out a cough and its followed

by deep crimson blood

is it too late to stop

or have I already started?

Creating a future with him in it

is a caustic environment


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