misfortunate misinformed by this 

costly new venture 

voice rotting through the censure 

sense this now that the world always

falls down

that this presence passage will lead to

new found land and greener grounds

no use taking time relenting 

when our time is ticking ever towards

under ground

with a grounds keepers hat tipped

to blot out the sun

with our hands slipped into each others 

when our cryptic epitaph is there just for laughs

and able to be read by anyone 

I’ve got a glove that fits better than this last chance

never tested unarrested pestered by this

gesture jested 

gestate our unrelated family that comes in handy

when I’m ever deeply in need

there will be a pitcher filled for me

so tip back this glass filled with wonder

with its back to all gone asunder 

drink deep and at last 

no that past is past 

and the future will out last all thats gone







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