face first in 

that sinking quandary that tells me

which way is up or down

and which path I should be walking

way i should be talking and

receiving phat stacks of karma

when the time comes to step up and

be a man I’ll know if i can but until then 

I’m half and half

half coward

half hollowed out shell

but if the glass is half empty

what is in the other portion?

more so when will we know the way to be?

when its plain to see that being me is not enough

I’m walking a tightrope line between 

sensitive and falling the fuck down

and it seems I’ve won this round but

what goes up must come tumbling

bumbling down to the grounded frown

that realists view on this situation 

taking toll of each evaporating machination 

tasting the way that platitudes tempt me

into spitting drivel when all she needs is

company and a game of scrabble

fables tell tall tales 

and I’m speaking rhymes shitting its all good every time

when its NOT

far from it

this is that strained worst case scenario 

where you hit the panic button and go nuclear 

if its not clear the time is NOW

to act not act up

trust whats up

and be a man for once



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