paying attention to the cosmic retention 

of dealing out death without beliefs suspension 

secrets that I keep chaulked and trying not to leak

when I open my mouth out comes feelings and speeches replete

without answers

causing tears and sudden bursts of anger

I cannot taste whats in store tonight

and my senses burn with sympathetic plights 

of my chances 

of surviving this hearts hollow dancing

I step up to the plate with a broken arm

and a bat thats undersized but theres no cause for alarm

I’m still swinging

taking in all the feelings that I’m feeling

I’ll plaster all your names on my list just right

till I am ready to take up this cause tonight

and my plights 

are a flight of fantastic delights 

take me down to the river where I swam as a child

and bathe me in the water of my innocence boiled

do it now

before I begin to spoil

salt the earth where I’ve tread 

and burn the rotten forests 

make room for the new growths

to blossom and flourish

and make more of us

till I have a new place to explore this

the directory leads to a new destiny

where I would take up a name

that belongs to me

and be pleased

by my own self served prophecy

that I bleed

when its down to being

the man I was always

supposed to be 




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