caked on layers

disgraceful flavors of apathy

neglect my abode and take its toll

and tone it down just to please

I’m stuck alone at crooked crossroads

no answers for my delight

disaster looms and all it proves is that I’m right

I’m going down to drowning now tonight

slick with grime the floors remind me of my

entropy and ease me into scrubbing down

and scrapping off all this illness as I please

and its enough for me

to take this caustic chore at face value

malleable faces taste my dinner plates

and white gloves are all around you

snapping pictures of the way I left things

forever undone

procrastinate my way through

getting everything that I’ve got

and I’d spend my last dime on a

dimes worth of what i’ve forgot

the memories that have a lease on my soul

installed bars iron wrought


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