falling back on old habits

and breaking backs with half a glance

I took a chance and stumbled in

shrieking indecisions and flailing limbs

I grin and bear it start to tear it

up but care if I can’t bear it

smear this pasture that I’ve lived in

state of mind where no one’s living

dead line heart and hollow soul

where no one knows I’ve gone

or where I’m going

I left a thousand behind

in haste to reach the next deadline in time

no way I’m ticking or taking my

timely demise lightly and without a battlecry

but know this I will persist and resist altercations

that led me amiss

astride beings twice my size

standing on the shoulders of

how and why

without a cause to stand up for

or reason to cry in the night

I’m just left with

do or die

but don’t ask why


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