liquid intensity summarized

that I might just be surprised

by the nightly decadent lies

I tell myself to get to sleep at night

and frightened by nothing in particular

I waltz forward into further realms

seldom traveled by the awakened mind

but traversed daily by those who sleep

soundly in this cauldron called night

so dream a dream within itself

a lie to tell my mind that waking

isn’t worth the effort taking time

to open my eyes and rely

on reality to guide my mentality

and free myself from those I’ve

left behind and cast aside

I’d travel still to where no one would

or ever will

and grace them with my presence shrill

scream out that I am worthy

a cash crop to till

so raise my flag and cast aside

those leaders that you held up high

on pedestals with weakened legs

and eyes that tell their lies

without a smile or smirk to realise

that trying to discern truth is

not worth your time

and godly heights will I reach

ascend and stand upon my perch

astride my mostly high brained

cry of cry off or taste what’s mine

weapons forged just in time

to tease their way through

casting kings aside


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