mind is reeling inward feeling

useless putrid force fed dealing

out of my way and into my heart

torn asunder and tilled under

blunder through these matters

static shatters nerves like piano wire

strung to strum a deadly tune

askew and blooming outward on cue

fumes and ashes all thats left

bereft of life but nowhere near death

i cannot cope or hope to flee

these echoes from torn parts

inside of me

a ragged excuse for a soul

snowballs chance to be made whole

I know why these thoughts ring true

insipid angsty and overdue

that fear that children find in bed

a crux of rust a crust of bread

shed my skin and be born anew

accrue new hardened carapace true

to my new nature faultless and dangerous

faithless and hateful

and in all this blameless

I’ll never be famous

I’ll never undo

the harm caused then

and then anew


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