i was once swallowed up

by horrors automatic

authentic and tragic

and manically managing to

be the brutality they think i need

so twist my arm and shake me down

never mess around when

causing all these boarders to come down

and I’m a mess when done

no body will even check and see

when I’m done

stick a fork in me

I’m forever uneasy and

spitting rhymes cheesy can

you relate to the way I cannot

hate the ones that made me this way

wearing masks and borrowing a butcher knife

from the cabinet too late

no time to waste cause I’m

a virginal regressing in distaste

this slasher fantasy that relives itself

on tempered silver screens

and I’m without a chance

falling down and dropping my keys

no taste of freedom in this dance

no echo of what I could be

like the way I take the stairs in flight

the way i skip a step in time

and passage lets me go

allign the way the moon would be

ten times normal size and bleeding

rights are right as rain would be

if I had my umbrella

but I’m just a fella brella-less

and this stormy night

will in no way be my last


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