a life without borders

reorder and store my way through these

chemical eccentricities

and bleed through the eyes when I see

the signs that I’ve placed in the distance

to give me a place to find

and resist the temptation to fall from grace

and make these clockwork mistakes

that take there chips off of me

till I’m bleeding and

tastelessly mistaken

pace this walk that I’ve grown accustomed to

and trek a brooding jaunt

burn my path into the road until my

face is gossamer and gaunt

gently provide me with directions to the promised land

though I’ll be providing my tittering laugh and a second glance

at the past that rolls behind me

a wake of waters swelling to overtake

my fragile crafted raft

seaworthy but just

ice over the seas and I’ll just walk

taking paths suggested if not fully chalked

and cretins walk the walk

I’ll pound my path into the stone

of this rough road that I’m still walking

even if I crawl

I’ll falter when done but this days just begun

and I’m writing on the walls of this canyon thats been sprung

hollow earth tragic and unwinding

pleading just to find me

and these passages I’ve spun


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