Initially posted this last night, in the middle of the night, after receiving an email from my estranged brother. Reposting it now, as I don’t think many people saw it.

Zachary Binks

sticking to the notes that ring true

tapping feet to different tunes

when everything i say is uncouth

and my night breaks into two

just cause I’m getting started

levity has been retarded and my flames

are flickering before they’ve

been ingited

fighting the urge to return the truth to

a long lost ass hole with a sense of timing

I can see he’s been waiting

but I’m failing to see just where this will guide us

no reason to double click and split that shit like a broken lip

I’ll stick to where I’ve started

leave the adjacent paths to the broken hearted

barking up the wrong tree

if you think this far too late apology will bring me to my knees

and fill my tattered heart with ease

the reasons aren’t enough

I’m hardly even done

with the nightmares you’ve become

when I’m slumbering but restless

a breathless…

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