I syncronize my clocks

the socket rocks the way towards

tipping higher on pay day

and emotions run hot when the irons

burn away the nerve endings

the repercussions of hurting others

is feeling what you’ve done

so why bother unless you’ve numbed

away all feelings

burned every bridge and poked holes in the ceiling

reeling in where this has gone

i’m starting to give in to feeling well

to accept the changes wrought

and escape this private hell

though no one can see it

I’m delighted by my improvements hell

I’ve done better this year

then each previous before

and the tales of yore tell of scattered paragraphs

each an eyesore but writ to be a merciless prick

that pops each passive balloon

trick me into being myself

its what you do best

even when you leave me by myself

I’ll astound myself above all others

else this thick cacophony of ruin

really be my grave

a pool to prune in

no I think I’ve been there before

and its finally time to ignore the pain

of light that singes eyes not used to

leaving this cave

brighten my day by having coffee with me one day

and I’ll tell you all about my day

and we’ll make a day of it, one day



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