drifting in and out of dreams surreal

a passive lifestyle healing all the damage done

by worry warts and heartstrings unstrung

an I think I’m almost done

with the somnambulist twist to my sleep disorder tryst

that keeps me hanging on to every bitch I’m ragging on

be it all or nothing feast or famine I am always never jamming

in the night when three am comes round you’ll find me where I

Always am

just there, to the left of sanity

and I promise you it aint that pretty

being where I am when people need me

calling out for mercy

persevering through the night or simply sleeping through the day

Its high time I bought the rights to this cantankerous plight

and wrote a screenplay

made a movie out of

sleeping all day

just left of sanity

depraved if you would ask those who would ask

if I’m ok

but I’m sure I am or at least I’ll be come monday

when I can escape this

purgatorial apartment block

where the loneliness turns to shock and I’m

a crippled ripper screaming tick tock

or just left of sanity



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