follow me into the deep

where hollows bleed with choking brevity

the lack of sleep is keeping me

from being me or breathing

freely now I’m stoking the nothing that I’m

about to drop and bottom out because

no one relates to my cause

and faucets leak without tension

the stress that I live keeps me

wheezing now that I’m smokeless

and without cause

seems to me that I’ve been

casually rambling

about which way I’m seeing things

with words that speak only to me

but will each connection see

and make themselves

and themselves be

the way I see it its not enough

to be but you must believe

me when I say its time to grieve

the petty nature I wants held close

to me


2 thoughts on “INTO THE DEEP

    • IN part I was actually thinking about what I said to you earlier today when I wrote this, about how poetry is a dead art pretty much, and one can’t hope to get but so far with it? But YEAH thanks! 🙂

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