can you feel that

semblance of connection

that upright and good obstruction

of my cynical affections

and I’m taking the time

to tame my mentality as it would be

the time of year that seems to be

just right for me

I take a liking to the cold

the night has bite but I’m sold

on blanket bound destinies

where I’m free to rest easy

knowing I’ve got a moment to

appreciate and contemplate

to look towards the horizon

and be elated

give me chills to the bone

or extra helpings that unfold with every

winter thats unspoiled by my

bitter self uncoiled

and I’m tasting the air

hoping for snow

when the sky bleeds its

ivory seeds I’ll

be childlike and centered all told

and no tragedy can touch me today

I’m caught up in memories

set ablaze in a full blown haze

of sentimentality


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