strung up on chains

confused and deranged and my

heart speaks plane when it splits

and bleeds hate

I’m far from tame but my life’s been reigned

and I can’t explain why I’m indifferent to pain

no contest here no broadcast feared where I am

leering towards you

unblinking eyes are seering for a

drop of tears to quench the thirst it wouldn’t be the last time

or the first

but I am splintered and heavy handed

undermining all that I’m

glad I wake up and breath

cause each breathe is life for me when I am

to blame for misery I self inflict through this

incredulous disease

and no parting glance will pass between us

for our chances of leaving are just as slim

as beating this inoculation

I am dying every day i age A little bit

till I’m smashed to bits

and having fits


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