would you risk lobotomizing my decimated mind

if it meant freeing that which has been trapped inside

crack the eggshell and distract the patient liars

send them dreaming ever reeling and despite

my sincerest apologies I’ll be near

and damn near breathing down your neck

without respect for personal boundaries

or a persons need to breathe without directions

cue you in to your false plight

all you need is to remember the breathe tonight

and I’ll be waiting here to draw you near when

all else falls from sight

so start the stop light send it careening from red to green

and I’ll be pleading with this engine not to stall

falling ill would be the last time that I fall

and I’m not worth another upset

or another past time forgotten in regret

I’m a toppled tinkerer and thats enough

unless you call my bluff

that simple words are simply what’s up

crumpled pages cramping my style

rather sit here and type for a while

and promise you smiles


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