can you feel this edifice I’ve

built from scratch and constantly trash

I need a ego boost to cruise and reside

just where I began

where I first took my hand

and blotted ink in scattered glance

you will not find a better man

when it comes to being what I am

I am a sham of a disgrace

my failure is of failures face value

and taste the truth when bittersweet

release is what I knew

so give me up or let me be

I’ll free myself of all you

tattered belongings

fill the trash with what I don’t need

I’ll birth myself at thirty

take a stab and being my own

father figure and it figures that the figures

are all skewed and I’m screwed if i

think I can take this trip alone

I’ll have my own posse of believers with me

pick up the phone and dial up

three reasons to never throw up

hands in resignation

my destination is where

ever I will be


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