I cue up an album from

ten years ago when my

world was in ashes my brain

splayed and without hope

I flayed out my innards and

screwed my heart with this tense

without reminiscence

still I can find that wordplay inside

where the acrobatic stunts that I’ve

relayed rely on this outdated method

of tainted reminders of this

hatred filled gift

so I will take heart that I’ve

created art and without this bad mouthed

trick of tearing the world apart

sell me the bridge and I’ll cross it

to just burn it down

ashes to the ground

and I will lay low remains

where this ageless thought gains

momentum till splitting the heads

of all you hate

a costly fate

plastered at last I’m a vision of doped

imbibing my past like a

arsenic laced big gulp

and chewing up nostalgia jerky enough to


my crooked past

no questions asked…



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