cueing up the bump to bump the words

they thump like beats of a vein strung drum

to drain and grind the solace I left behind

when I opened up and you gave a fuck

enough to look behind

us now find out how each path coincides

and finds us now where we will be

when waters join and cannot be relied

upon to split and have unique destinies

where we were is now where we will be

history repeating like skipping stones or

records recording and flipping tones

I abscond to where I was before

this abstract tryst that finds me


and a round about way to say that

everything wasn’t the way I thought

never a victim once more but that

romance was a prelude to becoming

familiar and fond

of company that eases us into breezy

conversations filled with trust

and unobscured by tragic heart ache and lust

I am a newfound brethren embodied by

never having a worthy successor to a

family not worthy of the shit they caused

or where we came from

unjust and taken as a loss



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