misconstrued feelings an emotional beartrap

this mishap is mishandling the dangling door stop

that keeps this air crisp and shamelessly friendly while

caustic and cringeworthy

and though every journey begins with a single step

this pest that I’m being begat a contortionists back

so flip back a page and slip into something more

horrible and dangerous but at the same time delectable

respectable people hang heads and give blame where

it isn’t a shame that I’m not rearranged and just plain sane?

I’ll take the cane from this platonic tryst in laughter and brisk

trips down the proverbial stairs that end in stares from those

reclined in broke ass chairs

so remember when I say this playful self deprecating shame game

where I’m to blame as much as anyone for taking aim

and splitting the infamy in twain



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