I slumber gently tumbling away the day

that brought me misery and if I could just

not be awake for the next epoch of this

relentless episodic trade for

bartering a friend for a hollow place where

sadness bakes away the soft places

in my chest where love once slept

and kept my self awake

passive dreams release the feelings

that I know to hide inside this

deeply numbed atrocity of a heart

I kept in my mind in mind for splitting

wood and opening up the fires

that have confused and consumed all I had

no turning back now from the pyre

thats all thats left of this

sad excuse for a possibility that I should

have just denied the thoughts of me

and her to see this isn’t what I was meant to be

I ache but it cannot be shown or felt or maybe

I’m just stone ensconced in felt

soft on the outside of a bitter cold self


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