calamity collapses all this

mastery of my disaster that I’ve claimed

and its a shame that I’m not

even to blame for this concrete fist thats

slamming into my face and erasing all that was

I am no longer a partner at heart

just degrading parts

clockwork rusted and unencumbered by itself

come undone with springs now sprung and

thrusted into the arms of

no one else

so simple and so cretinous a personality unhinged from this

I am simply broken and unwanted thoughts

come into this

downward spiral that I am aiming to project

I’m slamming into things and breaking all

that I had left

but no one belongs to another just as hearts would have it

I am not obligated to anyone nor anyone to me god damn it

faking my way through each day mostly

unconscious and no longer wanting to be awake

or wanted at all

I will slip into something more comfortable

just to break down each and every wall

leave this place for my down fall


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