maybe one day it’ll be the same

way I came into the scene and you were to blame

for stating all the obvious claims

You walked right in sporting shit eating grin

and blacked out my heart with a psychic collision

and I didn’t see it coming

all those iterations of your smile on the horizon

blotting out the sun with its serene symbology frying

burning out my eyes and replace

me with your imagery

so you were there smack dab in the middle of nowhere

where I lived in a place of loneliness and longing so thick

it could sink god damned titanic with its

bloated reasoning for living

going on and splitting hairs that one day those stares

would climb my ladder step by crooked step

so we came together like drops of alien chaos

and bled into everything with a sense of adventure

and a serious lack of reason when you where

that reasons voice

exploitive and contrived but alive and feeling

thriving on the feelings of being and being wanted

did make me see the light

that theres niceness in this world

that theres kindness and forgiveness and

I’m worthy of being spoiled

fast forward

thirteen fucking years

since that all ended in tears and broken hearts

shattered self esteem and splintered sights apart

these eyes are waiting

to once more be seen

but forsaken once again

left in the fog of

dangerous and empty

sensations aplenty

but all in vain



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