shall I adhere to the queer practice I have taken

up the reigns of madness skewing gladness for

this sad state of being

my own mind is starting to shirk the feelings that

I brew inside forsaking this reality for

one I had in mind and I cannot taste this

place I’ve made for myself through struggles great

for I am just a traveler a weary writing crafting naught but

hate is just a word I use, infrequently but with good use

I hate to be shrewd but when I saw you there I

said fuck this and left stage left my cue

my mentality is that of one disaster after another

waiting for the dropping shoe that would proceed

its fallen brother

and as I crawl up from the depths of this

latest indignation I will scrawl upon the walls

my pain and suffering sensations

place this in the biohazard box umong

the memories I cannot stand to feel

those from distant past and where I once felt real

misery is not worth keeping I will try to keep up

with myself and not fall back into the depths

where I once awoke and crawled into myself



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