the pretext of this context is

conceptual ambiguity of a

massive protesting festering pile

I cannot mistake this faceless file

designed to make me spin wheels

and feel for a while

I’m spinning a web and making it work

fleeing the fostered self evident hurt

for an eon of seeing all peons of this

false hope fallacy forsaken in maladies farce

no sweetness all tart

no way to remark on the art that is

all shit and no fart

all nonsense and no contest

for this tasteless waste of mace ridden

hate filled paste out to pasture

talk when it lasts but don’t

count on it to last or make sense

when its been blasted apart

by a homely and hopeless

anonymous rejection

by faceless villains in the guise of

saviors that savour the chance

to make egos dance on the head of

the pen that I started this

prancing and skipping

lines that I’m dipping and

crossing out shipping to

pause and reflect on tripping



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