phantasmal face

hovering there

above me and softly flickering

I tasted grace and then replaced

my hollow chest with flames

but it crashed down and fell quiet

splintered then with laughter

I can’t retrieve the feelings leave

they left me with disaster

and remorse so of course I went

off course

now I’m a ticking clock

fused into this faster flowing

cause without a face to blame

for my recent explosions

only memories did seize the day

and bake us into to ashes

now weeks have past as I assess

the crippling loneliness and face

the remorse of being off course

no reminders set now of the

way that I have gone

the path chosen was a hard choice

and I know that I was damned wrong

when I opened up myself

spilled the truth without reason

though my reasons were heartfelt

I began this season of singing

apologies and remorse

forever off course



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