there is sweetness and agony

in the wakeful hours of

restless and reasonless

testy and teasable yes but

primed to wreck shit check this

second guessed act of impressive

and testicular madness wherein I’m

kicking back in a bath robe and

pirate pants just to dance on the head of

this no contest fulfillment of my destiny

crescent moon hesitantly bowing down

and blessing me when I cheese my way

through each apocryphal self sabotage

when the going gets tough

I write like nobodies business though listless

I’m frisking my brain for this schist

just to hang back and request my dance

and pain myself lance my triple threaded

sewn on heart tagged to my chest

at best its my best bet to bet on

being as dark as I can guess will

percolate my hate and fist

to slam it through the face of all

who scream YES



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