I have a healthy appreciation for

setting up this way station maybe its

for the best that I don’t complain

pulled taunt inside tied piano wire tight

and strumming isn’t doing me any favors tonight

so I split at the sides and feel good to be alive

better off breaking off sooner than to try

pushing into the unknown just to

falter and die

so I kick back and pick up the slack of each

automated message

that I left on your back

my eyes did stare holes into you and made me wreck

but its better to wake up and feel ok

than to seize the day and feel full of hate

and I’m getting the messages as they were relayed

sprinting to the corner of alive and ambitious

seeding my self with a million cold salads

spilling my thoughts out all over everything

it died with us when I couldn’t relate or sing

or lay out straight and sleep without

muttering your name

but its ok that i’m still ok and its all going

to be just as fucking awesome as

promised the scripture that you wrote into me

when you split my heart in twain

still stroking this lobotomy and thinking deeply

checking in to the comfort that would come

from giving in and setting up

my own private highlands

where the horizon is bleeding into the  sky I envy

and the sky is where its good to be alive and seen



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