click back and restart this

off track matrix of anything

thats not enough to keep me

going and to hate this

need that burns inside of me

a damned near suicidal urge

to fall into old practices that

once weren’t bad enough to

make them good

and I’m lonely enough to make

a few hundred thousand mistakes

to take up causes just to fake

my way through feeling anything

once was told my light burned out

a long long time ago but its

smoldering and could ignite

the fires that I’m constantly

trying to control

so much incendiary animosity

I could hate a hole in the sun

just to hear it stop breathing

so its not enough to tell me

to calm down or feel better

better look out for yourself

if platitudes all you have to

ease this uncertainty

thats bleeding everything from me

bending every ear I see

to this caustic reality of being

blacked like a raisin saved

for later but never savored

its enough to earn my favor

clamoring at the stall just

to eat whatever I’m after

and regurgitate laughter

just to keep them

off my back



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