so many sacred dawns

seep in through the shadows of

my shrouded abode

and I witness them not as

a well rested and fulfilled

dreamer of dreams and

now wakeful member of

this society of the able

but as a too long aware

too long awake

restless and crispy

insomniac of my maniacal tendencies

I am a thinker when dawn breaks

the tinkling pieces of my

shattered epiphany

that I was not created equal

but I can set the world straight

and make myself something more

than the sum of my wrongdoings

the violations etched into this

well worn flesh



2 thoughts on “TO BED AT DAWN

  1. you are so interesting, I ‘m not sure I understand this but I do like it and will reread, as I almost always must. love and light to you my new friend. Michelle

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