shifting between consciousness

with hollow dreams and sleeping screams

I feel the ache the pain the rip of

everything when not awake and drifting

from each memory to another

each elaboration making it stronger

and without remorse my captors take

there due course of me

its not enough to make a meal

its not enough to make me feel each

catastrophe again and again

every time my head hits bed

so often times I’d rather

stay awake for days instead than

face the echoes of my past that

stain my wakeful life and drive me

half mad with strife and conflicting

feelings towards these beasts

that changed my life

for the worst never the better

better make myself scarce

take off and give the sleep a rest

just to give my head a chance

to recover and no longer be smothered

by false love and truer atrocities

costly deeds inflicted deep

that made me be

so crooked in my sleep



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