hanging on to this cerebral cliff

where I’m adrift between

hate and ignorance rather

being ignored than being abhorred

but the wrongs I’ve done aren’t

worth exploring

the future is coming and

slipping into view I’m

dragging this backdrop behind me askew

and its worth a shot to look forward

rather than back its abstract

but I’m coming up with jack

all my options are back in plain

sight and I’m spinning wheels

and sipping tea tonight

waiting for that moment to come

when the telephone lets out

its primordial tone

that heals hearts and sets

wrongs to right

I’m waiting abated and saying things twice

so its right that it comes

when my hope is at its darkest

my soul full of parking tickets

for being so stagnant

this is where the door opens

if I can only find the key

strap it to my side

and never let it be



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