floating faceless and ethereal

the material of my plight I might

have taken a moment to steer

towards that immaculate sight

but try as I might I can’t bare to

bare my soul again today

its just too much to lose if I

would chose to step away

and change my direction

take steps to step off that bus

to face the way I’ve been

caught up in my own selfish

desires and ignoring all else

not able to see past my

own nose again if I could

what would become of myself

would I be alone forever if I

could only ditch myself

and splurge my energy on

someone elses smell

I could teach me to be free

of this exotic and crippling anxiety

or breathe once and a while

though I’m beset on all sides

by trials and the nature of these

threats are purely imaginary

could I be worthwhile

or at least be in style

enough to call once and a while

kewlpictures 018


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