I’ll toss this message

on the wind and hope it goes where

it belongs again and then sinks in

that I have not begun to give in

to tragedy as a concept this ending

isn’t one I’m comfortable with and

I hope that the recipient of this letter

is fully damned aware of that fact

that I am fully prepared to wait forever

just for a message back sent however

or whenever from now

here comes the second act of

this pact we made in silence long ago

to never give in or give up on each other

thats how it goes when two are bound by

something tighter than the sum of their parts

a companion shouldn’t call it quits when

theres so much living left to start

participate with me in this exchange of

simple ideas

here comes the next one above your head

but coming in clear:

you made my safety feel

not unlike something that reality

could mistake for something real

and I’m so fond of spinning tales along

the path that we had walked since

we were just kids and just having

a damned good time

so let it never be said that I would

quit and give up so soon

I’ll split the hairs of second best

and take a chance at being

forgiving at last at least in this respect

I will respect your wishes

if you’ll let me know perhaps

if this fast ends soon?



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