strutting down the street

like a cosmic one man fleet

a symbolic treaty to myself

that I’ll never cut ties and be

just like everyone else

I’m decked out in

anachronisms fit for a king

and splintered off in all directions

all sense, no springs

its a nonsensical misdirection that I’m

playing for faux affections and

the armor I wear is for my own

damned security

I’m a fleet footed hell god

accosting you all with the sight of

caustic insecurities blasting abnormality

I’m free in ways that you never will be

the friction that I breed with my

shocking tendency to see far

beyond the breed of me

and you are just so god awfully

plain to me

I feel like a costumed freak

when I display what you claim me to be

its not enough just to cause a ruckus

to walk in pure confidence dressed

like a god damned pirate

I have to breathe in pure awesome

and spit out symbols that speak

only to me myself and freedom

its not easy to be

but thats me

kewlpictures 364


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