I remember the high seas

timeline of my life where we could

be anywhere but here and it would be

a grand journey of splendor an adventure

worth having is anything worthy of

that very namesake for the sake of just

going and doing and making it wrong or right

its enough just to go to take the left street till

your circles are ever winding outward spirals of

flight where no man has gone before because

THAT DAY no man was me and on THAT DAY

no two people were us in the prime of our lives

and drifting ever onward towards delight

towards basements filled with whimsy and false lights

sights I’d never give up in mind where

theres a place for us to travel ever inward

and spill out from my fingertips tapping swiftly

with ZERO REMORSE for the times had

my past has many regrets but NONE of them

were of the adventures had with one so

catastrophically awesome as the people we

were when the journey never ended



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