roll up my sleeves and

seize this day by the throat

its more than enough to be

more than enough for me

to be pleased by this senseless

repetition of day in day out

a constantly dripping incision

my decision to continue without

the opinions of brethren and

bygones being bygones again

is not enough to make me be

gone again I’m suffering but

no where near being nothing again

we all come from a void within

and spring from the nothingness into

being something

our substance is the whole that we become

when we find ourselves and then find

that we are all social animals

unable to sustain on the bread and water

that a lonely life provides and the trials

that I’ve been through always coincide

three by three by feeling like I’m dying

I’m constantly trying and never providing

the answers for myself that I need

to keep on keeping myself from bleeding

away into the ether of madness and depression

I’m living each week from session to session



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