be it a capricious cause to hound you

astounding cosmonauts filled the bank

I’ve got a million dead butterflies in my gullet

just waiting to be spat up from the heart

thats been longing to break

its no mistake that I’m frenzied with fallacies

drowning in the abnormalities of this

infatuation nigh high obsession but never

ever bending my aggressions to where they

belong among the saints I think I

couldn’t waste my time on godly thinking

when I’m thinking that a goddess stood before me

and now I’ve shrank shriveled and feeble

cast aside deep fried and extra crispy tonight

I’ll follow my own decree and please the ear

if only to get things right

the decibels decimal rings this edifice

and brings the building down around me

I’m a shook up time bomb of breathing softly

singing songs that only I see



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