I think it’s long since time I

stop reminiscing stopped pretending

that this pretense of a false romantic

concept is but a pack of lies I’m not

bound by destiny to become anything

other that what I AM NOW

there is no greater purpose laid out

constellation ways and splendid

rather an empty star map a field of

unprecedented and glorious chance

where any path may be taken and

then broken from at will where

I am  no longer a passenger on this

railway lifestyle of living as it comes

but a person of infinite options

where no ONE is chosen but many

are blossoming in their truest choice

a hand picked sandstorm of particular dust

frisked and thrusted unto the sky

blinding in its obscure delight

it would be a crime not to explore further

it would be heresy not to travel onward

caught up in the wind like never before

and more than moving parts set in motion

by the long ago tragedy of self loss



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